Today we are getting into one of my all-time favorite indulgent desserts: brownies. I have tried countless homemade brownie recipes over the years, and it's safe to say that this one is an absolute winner. 

Growing up, I pretty much subsisted on boxed desserts, with brownies at the forefront (I have a huge soft spot for the Ghirardelli version). My mom probably baked my sister and I boxed brownies a few times a month, and we probably could have eaten it more. When I started baking recipes from scratch after college, I still believed that boxed brownies were untouchable - they were just so easy and SO GOOD and the taste gave me a sense of nostalgia. But like all other desserts, the moment I baked a homemade batch, there was no going back to the box. (For the record, my mom, who has the BIGGEST sweet tooth and loves everything I bake, still makes boxed brownies and eats it for breakfast (and lunch... and dinner.) 

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